Wind Farms - Think Outside the Turbine.

Watching Telematin on France 2 yesterday (watched it online – don’t ask) I noticed they had a feature on wind farms and, from what I can gather, they’re hoping to turn them into a bit of a tourist trap. Thing is, though, their wind farms look like ours – tall white things with the blades on the top. I can understand why Governments and authorities want them (cleaner energy) but they’re not exactly nice to look at. That’s why, when there are public enquiries about building wind farms, people oppose them. They’re a sort of blot on the landscape.

Why not make them nicer to look at? Seems obvious to me, but I don’t think anyone’s actually considered it. The Telematin feature cut between a traditional windmill and a wind farm, and you can tell the difference! So why not make a wind turbine look like a traditional windmill? Paint them different colours, or even build them to look like a traditional windmill. I wouldn’t mind looking at those all day! You could get corporate sponsors if you wanted to raise the cash to build them quicker.

If wind turbines looked like windmills, all in different colours, not only would you be generated cleaner electricity for us all, but creating a tourist site – people would flock to them. Seriously. I would.

Next time you hear of a public enquiry into the building of a wind turbine, challenge the powers that be to think outside the turbine. They’d be surprised at the result!