Why I Like the New Routemaster.

Today sees the new London bus on the roads. Called the Routemaster, it is a replacement for bendy-buses which in turn were replacements for the previous routemaster (though some still run on heritage routes in London).

With the launch, came the protests. Not your usual placard waving, tent occupying people, but just as annoying. These people were complaining about the cost of the new Routemaster, and called it some sort of “vanity project”. Here’s why they’re wrong:

  • The bendy-buses took up far too much road space, and block the road for other traffic users. I was on a bus behind a bendy-bus which was waiting to turn right onto Shaftsbury Avenue. We waited for ten minutes. If it had been a normal bus, we could have got past.
  • Bendy-buses allowed people to get on the back doors without paying.
  • A replacement was needed that allows people to get on and off quickly. Current double-deckers are too slow for this (the reason why the bendy-buses were bought in the first place).
  • According to BBC News the Green party doubted it’s environmental impact. TfL say the new buses gives out half the dangerous gasses than a modern standard double-decker. So, Green party, it is environmentally friendly. You should get behind this project.
  • There is an initial high cost to the project, but that’s because the technology is new. Once more have been built the price will come down.
  • The Green party also wonder if other operators, in or out of London, will buy this bus. Actually, if they remove the rear staircase and doors, it’ll be fine. Once buses are finished with in London, current operators remove the centre door and pass the bus to operators elsewhere in the UK. It’s no big deal! (I get the feeling the Green party don’t know what they’re talking about!)

I really like the new Routemaster. I like the design (very modern for a bus), and how the operation of it has been thought out. I also like that it’s being built in the UK. In this economic climate, and people want the Government to spend money, why complain when they do spend money and keep it in the UK economy?? We need more projects like this to boost our manufacturing and finances. It’s time to stop being so negative and realise our full potential.