Weekend Links 2.

More links for the weekend now, starting with…

Nightwalk in Marseille

I appreciate this site more having been to Marseille last year, but even if I hadn”t have been, I would have liked it because of it”s concept and how it works.

The site combines Google Maps and Street View with other web niceness to enable you to walk round the city of Marseille at night experiencing the sites and sounds. You check your progress in the map in the lower left corner, and along the way items appear in the main screen for you to click and view.

To get the best experience, put your headphones on…



World of Swiss

I”m not sure if you would class this as a mini-site or micro site, but either way it”s a very clever site for Swiss Air.

To navigate through the site, you just scroll. To begin with, there are the sales-y bits for Swiss Air, but then you”re taken to details of the aircraft they use, and finally a live map of where their planes are in the air. Selecting a plane on the map gives you the flight details.