Weekend Links.

Transport for London

The Transport for London (TfL) site is an excellent resource if you”re travelling around London, and now TfL have made it even better.

The new site should work across mobile devices as well as desktops, and the transport planner tool is even more useful. I like how they have expanded the site by taking up more of the screen, and added more white space, replacing the narrow site that looked lonely in the centre of the screen.

I had also been following their Digital blog with interest, reading about the decisions taken whilst developing the site. After reading the blog for so long, I”m glad the site has finally gone live.




Multipie are independent mobile developers based here in Nottingham, and friends of mine. Their site has had a redesign – designed by Annie of Multipie and coded by Cubic Mushroom.

The new site is clean and fresh, and I”m loving the colour scheme. As a company, they”re definitely one to watch.