Review of 2018, Plans for 2019

Here is my review of 2018 and my plans for 2019


2018 did have some highlights, though it was generally a rubbish year:

  1. Mandy has been receiving counselling and therapy for most of the year.
  2. Work got more pressured towards the end of the year, causing me to have an extended break.
  3. My Windows 10 app, Done, didn't have the impact I had hoped (largely due to lack of promotion on my part, and also some mis-steps on development). This has led to a constant soul-searching on it's future, and whether I should move it to the web.
  4. We had a lovely holiday in Prague in the summer, and a city break in Newcastle just after Christmas.
  5. We're not confident socially these days (linked to Mandy's counselling), which means we don't tend to go out as much or attend many church meetings apart from Sundays. We do go out for more walks, and are receiving a lot of support from church.
  6. The current political climate, both here and worldwide, is a complete mess. So much negativity and anger, more-so than I've seen it before.


  1. Mandy will continue with her therapy, though hopefully we'll be able to move on soon.
  2. I am looking at moving my Done app to the web.
  3. World affairs will get worse - here in the UK especially. I can't see any good coming out of the situation.
  4. Hopefully, though, there'll be some new tech released this year that will get me excited for it again.
  5. I'll also be considering how I can use social media differently.