Opt Out of Yahoo Snooping.

A colleague from the Federation of Small Business has alerted me to changes in the terms and conditions for members of Yahoo Groups.

Yahoo now use “Web Beacons” to track the web sites you visit – whether they are part of Yahoo or not. So any web site you visit can be tracked by Yahoo (or their partners)!

The updated Privacy statement at info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/yahoo/details.html explains it in more detail. Half-way down the links (left-hand column) is the section “Cookies”. Within the Cookies section is another link for Web Beacons, which explains more about them.

To opt-out, head to the Web Beacons page, look for the opt-out section in the left hand column and click the link. You will be taken to a seperate page where you can opt out.

An Important Note: the opt-out is machine and browser specific. So you will have to opt-out in every browser on every computer you use.