Nottingham Train Station.

After months of refurbishment, and partial closure, the concourse to Nottingham Train Station has finally re-opened. During the refurbishment, access to platforms and purchasing tickets was done at a temporary station, so it was great to see the work completed in the main building.

Outside, the brickwork has been treated and cleaned. On the day I visited, it did look clean and well presented, although I”m sure some sunshine would have made it look even better.

Inside, it”s a major transformation. The old taxi rank and drop-off points are closed off to traffic and pigeons, and are now passenger friendly. It”s very spacious, bright and airy, a very welcome change to the fume filled space it was before. The roof has been opened up to let in plenty of sunlight, which will add to the overall ambience of the place. Shops will take the place of the large white enclosures dotted around the place, which I expect will get busier when the tram stop moves closer sometime during 2014 (I expect people will get off the tram at the stop and walk through the station to get to Carrington Street).

Further inside, what used to be the main waiting area has been cleaned and it seems as the space is less busy it”s easier to spot the art-deco features. Where this space used to contain a food outlet, lots of information boards, and was generally busy, most of these have moved which enabled me to appreciate the features even more. Again, the roof has been opened up, and sections repainted to make it stand out more. It”s one of the few train stations I”ve been in where I would want to look up, rather than get to my train quickly.

The newsagents have gone and the space is now taken by the ticket office, although these days are less important as people buy online or at the ticket machines in the station. The old ticket office is closed off, awaiting occupation. Whoever takes over will have a gem of location space.

When the trams roll across the bridge at the back of the station, the shop units inside are occupied, and Carrington Street has the facelift it needs, the station will be a very welcoming place for people arriving in Nottingham.