Nottingham Light Night 2017.

Every year, Nottingham City Council put on an event across the city based around the theme of light. It's called Light Night, and I remember going to the very first one in 2007 and really enjoying it. There were light installations around the Old Market Square, lights projected onto surrounding buildings, street artists, and other things.


This years even took place last night, 10th February, and although there seemed to be more organisations taking part (some museums were open, for example), there was not the same focus around the main square in Nottingham as the first year. I enjoyed last nights event, particularly the event at Nottingham Castle, but I wished there would have been more around the Old Market Square to make it more of a focal point.

The castle had some excellent light installations, as well as a series of games that are usually played in daylight which were played in the dark with equipment that lit up. Games such as tennis, basketball, football to name a few. Very interesting way of playing when you can't see what you're doing!!

Overall I enjoyed Light Night 2017, and am gutted I forgot about the Aboretum as there were things going on there (though it's not the sort of area you'd like to visit at night). I need to be better at planning and forward thinking, to make sure I don't miss out.