Nott Just a City 2014.

Yesterday I took a look at a pop up exhibition that is located within the former Dwell store on Fletcher Gate, Nottingham. Called Nott Just a City, and organised by Nottingham & Derby Society of Architects, it features work by students and architecture practices, within the Nottingham and Derby area as well as further afield.

Besides the exhibition pieces, there are also some demonstrations and fun things for children to do, related to architecture and building, as well as talks by architects. On the day I visited, the demo was brick making, and looking at the website there is also a feature to build a Nottingham landmark out of Lego. If I had known about it earlier, and maybe had more information about the talks, I might have tried to attend one.

I found the exhibition interesting, and not too over whelming. I wasn’t sure how many of the exhibits were of buildings that are planned or which are projects from students, however, there were some very intriguing looking buildings.

The exhibition is open daily 12pm to 8pm at The Pod on Fletcher Gate, Nottingham until 19th April. You can follow Nott Just a City on twitter @Nott_Justacity.