myJohnLewis Loyalty Card.

John Lewis, the UK based department store, was one of the last few remaining retailers yet to launch a loyalty card. In one sense, that’s what set them apart from everyone else – knowing whenever I purchased something from there I wouldn’t be asked for a card or fooled into thinking I had to spend more to get benefits I didn’t really need.

Anyway, recently, (ok October 2013, which proves how often I shop there), John Lewis have succumbed and launched their own loyalty card. Called myJohnLewis, it operates in much the same way as other loyalty cards in that you gain points when you spend, and hopefully you’ll gain enough points to buy something else you want. One difference though is that you get a free drink every month (using vouchers that came through the post).

However, as with all things from John Lewis, the branding and packaging of the card matches the whole John Lewis experience – this “experience” being “someone cares”. When you wander around the store, you sense that people have taken time and effort to arrange everything to help you browse and buy. Items are set out neatly, and you are invited to try things out to see if you like it. The overall branding of John Lewis is very clean and clear – you want to read the little booklet that comes with the card because it’s inviting you to.

Time will tell whether I will use the card or not, yet I want to because of the packaging it came in.