My Take on Apples iPad.

Now we’ve all had time to digest it, I thought I would offer some points about the iPad:

  1. Most people who are negative about it, haven’t actually seen it
  2. If you don’t know what it’s for, chances are you’ll wait until someone you know gets one and they’ll tell you how they use it.
  3. Apple’s aims for the iPad were actually hinted at by Steve Jobs during his keynote: when talking about the iPod, Steve said it had “changed the way we discover, purchase and enjoy music”. Now, they want to do the same with books. Steve’s keynote also showed how an iPad would be used at home.
  4. If you think watching a video on a plane using an iPad will be uncomfortable, you should watch the end of the keynote when Steve shows the accessories.
  5. Phil Schiller showed how a business could use it (when he entered numbers in a form in Numbers, Apple’s version of Excel). Imagine someone in a warehouse checking off stock with an iPad instead of a clipboard.
  6. I think Apple were a bit surprised when the iPod Touch grew to be a games platform, not just a music one. They’re waiting to see what developers will do with the iPad.

I’m impressed with Apple on this one – they’ve clearly thought it through. They didn’t just put Mac OSX on the iPad and leave it (which is how Microsoft would have done it) – they thought about how it would be used, and wrote their software to match.

I also wonder what the future holds. I won’t be surprised if Apple release an iPad with a larger screen in a year or two – maybe up to 13 or even 15 inches. Eventually it could match a laptop for speed, convenience and functionality.

Will I be getting one? Possibly. Normally I wait for a year or two, but as Mandy’s thought about getting a book reader at some point, maybe an iPad is better because it can do more.