Hello World 2017

Welcome to the first post on my new site

After a couple of years of trying different options for a web site, such as Wordpress or developing my own system, I've decided to go for speed and launch this new site quickly by coding each page by hand!

I may, at a future stage, create some sort of backend system for this - one where I would log in and be able to add new post entries from anywhere. For now though, as I'm the only person adding content to this site, and I tend to use the same computer, this static site will do.

Previous Posts

My previous blog posts can be found on my old site at adrian-johnson.com. The main reason for using a new site is the web address for this site is easier to remember, and although I could point the old web address here, I also wanted a bit of a clean break. With this site I am starting anew, rebooting, or hitting refresh, as they say.


As this is a static site, there is no facility for anyone to add comments to my posts. I could have used a system like Discus to enable comments, but I was a bit lazy, and basically don't want to. If you want to let me know your comments or pass on any feedback, my email address is on the About page, so you can drop me a line from there (please be nice). Or post a comment on your own site, and send me a link.

If I extend this site in the future, I may add a comments section, and will write a post here if I do.


Thanks for reading this post, and stopping by the site. I'll try and keep it as up to date as I can.