Hello World.

After several years of being a blogger, off and on, I've decided to start something new. My previous posts are over at adrianj.co.uk though some of the things I've posted there may not apply now.

This is where I will share what's going on in my life, and the adventures I'm hoping to have in programming.

As an introduction, I'm Adrian, I live in Nottingham with my wife Mandy, and I work as a web developer.

I love programming and discovering what's happening in the world of technology. Unlike most programmers, I don't have an affinity to one particular platform. Most people are pro-Apple, anti-Microsoft, pro-Google etc. whereas I see the good and bad in all. I have Macs which also run Windows. I use tablets running all the major platforms (Android, iOS and Windows). I program in PHP for the web and also dabble in Microsoft .Net and Objective-C depending on my mood. I prefer it when things just work.

Mandy and I are both Christians and members of Grace Church in Nottingham. We both have a heart for serving the city and helping people reach their potential.

I also like architecture and things related to design. I prefer visiting cities rather than the country and don't have any interest in sport.

That's pretty much it about me. I hope you enjoy my blog.