On Easter Sunday, Mandy and I went with a few friends to the village of Hartington in Derbyshire. Although it’s in the middle of the Peak District, close to the Tissington Trail, I hadn’t realised how close to Staffordshire we were.


Apparently, Hartington is famous for cheese, which explains the cheese shop amongst the local village and antique shops. We browsed in almost every shop, and had a wander around the village – we had intended to take a short walk into the hills but were constrained by time as we intended to visit another local tourist spot before heading home. It was also a bit of a gloomy day to begin with, which is why my photos are a bit grey.


The local village shop was interesting as it sold small household supplies as well as being a coffee shop.


The duck pond (surrounded by the benches and cars) didn’t look too inviting.