Goodbye August.

This August has been a difficult month for Mandy and I. A number of things have all happened at the same time which have tested us and taught us some lessons.

Job - At the beginning of the month I had to make a difficult choice regarding my career, and therefore decided to leave ChurchApp, the company I have worked at for the last 14 months. Whilst looking for a new job, I decided to get back into programming using Microsoft technologies (C# and .Net framework), which has meant brushing up on skills I used to have and were a bit rusty at. On 1st September I will start working for iSite, a company which builds tools for commercial property and facilities management. I'm really looking forward to getting back into .Net programming again, and using the best software tools in the industry.

Church - There have been a few changes at Grace Church in the last few months, both in terms of what Mandy and I are doing within the church and the effects of what God is doing in other people. These changes can be unsettling and we've certainly stepped out of our comfort zone, whilst trusting that God knows what He's doing. We still love the church, and our Grace Church family have been very supportive during this last month. Although there is a lot happening at the moment with a lot more still to come, we're still following Jesus through doors whilst He looks back and says "I thought you said you were going to keep up...".

Hub - For the last couple of months I've been planning and building a content management system which I hope to release for others to use. It's working title is Hub, and this site has been built using it. I developed the Hub using ASP.NET WebForms on .Net Framework v4.5. I'm not planning on making it open source yet as it will be a paid subscription, though as with a lot of plans this could change. I'll post more about the development of Hub in the coming months.

Last Week - This previous week was challenging for us. We had booked into a conference in Bath, when our car broke down on the way there. The conference itself showed us what happens when people chase the experience, rather than God Himself. It also taught us to check out the venue properly before booking in case the lighting they use causes migraines!

So, that was our August. Usually the summer months are quiet so we can recharge ready for the Autumn. We're excited about September - my new job, the Hub, and things at Grace Church pick up again. Through it all, God has been, and still is, completely faithful.