At a church event a few weeks ago, everyone was asked to write their dreams down on a sheet of paper, with the roadblocks we think we’ll face and some markers to accomplish along the way.

My dream is to run my own business in software and/or web development, and rather than employ people with lots of skills, actually take people on with little skills and train them. Whether I am doing software or web development, everything these days uses web technologies, and that is what I will team people (HTML, CSS and Javascript). There will be several core products developed by an established team of developers, so the people learning could be writing templates, help screens and so on.

The aim is that once people have enough skills, they can move on to better jobs, and I can employ other people who need training and repeat the process. As well as learning web technologies, we could also teach life skills, and maybe help people achieve academic grades they don’t already have.

This has been my dream for a while, and follows on from what a friend of mine, Matt Parfitt, started with Fruitful Oaks, which was a gardening company in a similar vein. I’m not good at gardening, but I am good at writing code, and explaining complex concepts to people so that they can grasp it. I also don’t like it when I’m undervalued (which I have been previously), and I would also like to give people help in rebuilding their lives.

That’s my dream, and this site will document my journey. In future posts I’ll describe the roadblocks and markers, and will hopefully make some progress on the way.