Done for Windows 10 Released

Done for Windows 10 is now available on the Microsoft Store

Done for Windows 10 is now available on the Microsoft Store.

After several weeks of coding, I am pleased to announce that my first app for Windows 10, Done is now available to buy from the Microsoft Store.

If you have been following my progress on developing the app over the last few months, you'll know that there are some features I had to hold until a future release in order to get it finished. These features are listed on the Work in Progress page on the apps website.

I've also written about my development as a programmer for Windows 10 in my post on this site. I'm hoping this will be the first of many apps I develop for Windows 10, and hope that Microsoft develop and improve, rather than abandon, the Universal Windows Platform.

If you have any feedback on the app, either feature requests or bugs, please drop me a line. App development is a side-hustle I work on during evenings and weekends, so I may not respond quickly, and may certainly take a while to issue bug fixes. Any updates will be posted on the Done website.

Thanks to people who supported me during the last few months. It means a lot.