Done - Initial Progress

Progress of the previous weeks work on my Windows 10 app

Progress of the previous weeks work on my Windows 10 app.

Yesterday I intended to write a blog post with the latest updates to my Windows 10 app, Done. However I got so engrossed in coding it, that it wasn't until late evening that I realised I hadn't shared anything, so I quickly recorded a short video and uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

So here is the update...

Most of the week was spent getting the initial user interface developed, and connected to a database which will be used to store all the information. There are screens for most parts of the application now, and I rearranged the menu bar at the bottom of the application.

As you may be able to tell from the video, I have also changed the user interface a little bit. Actually, I have changed it quite a lot. The first thing to note is the first page which shows the timesheets for the selected day. What I didn't have time to develop for the initial screenshots were the additional bits of information you see here, such as the time recorded against a task, and also the total time for those tasks. I have also enabled the date selection menu at the top of the page - click the calendar icon to see a drop-down selection for the date, or click the button for todays date, and see the timesheet entries for that date. You can also use the Next/Previous buttons to move between days.

A major change has been the replacement of the Flyout screens. These were small screens that loaded when a button was clicked to enable you to enter some details in. For example, the Plus button at the top of the screen is used to add a new record depending on the screen you are seeing (new Timesheet if you are looking at the Timesheet screen, new Project if you are on the Project screen, and so on). I had hoped to use the small flyout screens as inputs for those pages, but there was a problem in making the screen disappear when data was entered (more technical discussion is available on request!). In the end, I had to replace the flyout screens with standard pages. It's not a great loss, and in some ways it improves the usability.

All of the main application areas now work, accepting inputs and changes to data. You can now add or amend timesheets, projects and clients. I'm currently developing the invoicing section, and hope to have that completed by the end of the week.


There have been a couple of questions on the project so far:

  1. Will there be a Mac version?
    Possibly. I'm creating the version for Windows 10 first because I know C# and it is the language/framework I use for my job. Once the app is released, I may consider a Mac version (using Xamarin), though this will be a framework I would need to learn, so will give it careful consideration before I do.
  2. Why Windows? No-one uses Windows Mobile anymore.
    Done is developed using the Universal Windows Platform which means it should work on any device running Windows 10. I'm actually developing it for the desktop first, although I expect I won't need to change it at all to run on Windows Mobile. (development using Swift for iOS would mean some adjustment to get it to run on a Mac, and vice versa).
  3. Will there be a beta version to test?
    I actually don't know the answer to this one. I suspect you can't download beta software from the Microsoft Store, so I would have to make it available somehow outside of it. As apps for the store are packaged in a slightly different way to desktop applications, it may not be possible for me to do this, but it is something I would like to try if I can.

If you have any more questions about the app, please get in touch. I'll answer as soon as I can.