Cobden Chambers.

Saturday 8th March saw the opening of Cobden Chambers in Nottingham. Previously, this small courtyard, had been derelict until last Autumn when the owners started to renovate it. Now, it’s a collection of small independent shops and offices.

I visited on opening day and really liked what I saw. The entrance is on Pelham Street, and you have to look hard to find it, though the pastel colours do give the location away. It’s almost like it’s hidden on purpose – one of Nottingham’s great secrets.

The walls are decorated with murals and there were vintage collectors items dotted around. I’m not sure if this was part of the opening, or whether this will be a permanent feature.

The courtyard itself isn’t very large, and there are not a lot of shops here. The shops are for vintage reclaim, clothing and gifts. This doesn’t detract from the overall experience at all – it’s part of it’s charm. Whilst there I overheard someone being interviewed who was speaking about an “entrance” to something at the end of the courtyard (there was a building still covered in scaffolding). I’ll look forward to finding out what that particular building will be used for.

During lunch a musician was playing which added to the overall vibe. I might not have stayed for lunch if he was not there, as it didn’t seem the sort of place to spend a lot of time in. Hopefully the building at the end, whatever it is, will make Cobden Chambers more interesting and give me a reason to visit again.