Chase Happiness.

Do what makes you happy. Chase your passion and your dreams. If you love what you do, others will love appreciating what you do. Learn new things. Explore. Take time to reflect on yourself, what you’re doing and what you want to be doing.Stop focusing on the immediate problems and give the bigger picture some thought. Think about the things that make you happy and do them more often. Make changes in your own life. Odds are, no one is stopping you from doing what you want. Stop going through the motions every day and take control of your life. Don’t ever settle. If you don’t wake up most mornings pumped to be alive, you’re doing it wrong. Take a girl out, treat her right and travel the world1. Stop saving all your money for retirement. Do it today, just don’t be reckless. Learn to care less about what other’s think. Not tired – get in your car and enjoy the night. Be confident and fearless. Nobody laughs at someone who does exactly what they want, and if they do, it’s to hide their jealousy. Stop striving to please others. Learn to make yourself proud and your success will be organic. Focus on what makes you happy on a daily basis. Life is short, so enjoy it and never regret anything that makes you smile2. What you did yesterday, determines what you’re doing today, which defines who you are tomorrow.

1 – This is true for you ladies. Chase the man of your dreams and treat him right.
2 – An adapted Mark Twain quote.

I came across Dave Gamache’s site recently, and this is based on the first post of his I read.