2020 Review and Plans for 2021

I think we can all agree that 2020 was pretty rubbish! Not only did we have the pandemic, but we had some health challenges, and the company I work for went into administration, though it ended up being bought out by another company. Thankfully, towards the end of the year, we had good news in that America had elected a new President, and a number of vaccines were developed. 

Last year I wrote about things I wanted to achieve during the year. I didn't make the progress that I wanted, though it's good to look back nonetheless.

1. Mandy will make even more progress through her therapy.
Mandy did make great progress and has come on a long way.

2. I will release more apps - either for the web or exclusively for Windows 10.
Not quite. The company I work for went into Administration in March, and was bought out in the summer. I spent 2020 learning more Microsoft technologies just in case I needed to get another job. Thankfully I didn't, and what I learned should come in useful, though I may switch to other technologies as I'm finding the Microsoft platforms a bit difficult to work with sometimes.

3. Brexit will take more of a back seat and we can start undoing (or getting over) the damage it's caused.
This did happen for most of 2020 due to the pandemic, though kicked off again towards the end of the year. It was worse than I feared, which people who voted for it dismissed as "Project Fear" whereas it is a new reality (and a harsh reality at that!)

4. Microsoft will release the Surface devices it outlined last year, and they will be awesome.
Unfortunately, they didn't, and the Surface Duo (foldable phone) didn't match up to expectations.

5. I may actually decide on how I will use social media.
I got quite vocal in 2020, especially on twitter during the pandemic, mainly because of how badly the Government have dealt with it, and also when "friends" post conspiracy theories or are anti-mask/vaccine.

What about 2021?

1. There will still be lockdowns and social distancing throughout the year, though they may start to be relaxed a bit. People (including myself) will be vaccinated, which gives some hope.

2. I'll finally decide what platform to develop for, and what apps to do.

3. Brexit will still be bad, maybe even worse that what anyone thought.

4. I'm considering moving back to Apple devices and PHP/MySQL for programming.

5. Still to decide on social media.